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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews A challenge coin is essentially a type of medallion that includes the emblems, signs and badges of a particular company or an organization. Earlier, these coins were awarded to boost the confidence of the people and motivate them for a particular cause or solely for being a loyal member to a particular organization. They were also given to confirm the membership of those whove applied for. Used by the United States Army Air Service during the First World War, challenge coins have gained a lot of importance over the years. These are customized to symbolize unity and team spirit for different units like: – military, Business Associations, Church Groups, Fraternal Organizations, ROTC Units, Clubs, Sports Teams, Charities, Scout Troops, etc. Custom challenge coins helps in distinguishing a team or a group. One of the most distinguishing features of a custom challenge coin is that it should not have a drilled hole to carry things or attach something. Also, it should not be joined to a key ring or to a belt buckle. Cost of a custom challenge coin depends on the type of design and carvings you want it to have. Today, these coins have become an important marketing tool to establish and maintain the brand identity of different types, scales and sizes of organizations. The logo, tag line or slogan is usually engraved on it. Companies who participate in trade shows, exhibitions and other business meets, can use this high valued marketing collateral to entice more clients, prospects and business partners. So, when a person visits a specific exhibition booth/s, a custom challenge coin can be awarded to every visitor which also acts as a token of remembrance. There are a number of companies who offer custom design services wherein you can enhance the appearance of your product/s. They can help you customize playing cards, lapel pins, hooah coins, etc. Single, duo, tri, quad, or mixed types of plating- a variety of plating options are available for you to choose from. Techniques like: – micro-sandblasting, stippling, electric sparking, etc. are used to give a unique shape, size and cutting edge style/s to your customized product/s. Where some companies use low quality soft enables on your project, there are some others who use best baked enamel to craft the product the way you may want. Turnover time for the completion of your project is an important thing to enquire before you place your order. If the quantity is less, you may get the finished product within 4-5 weeks or less, starting from the date of the payment.But for larger quantities, it may take a little longer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: