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Sales Even homeowners who spend a lot of time considering the design and dcor of their home may have a tough time bringing art their space. They may have no trouble with basic design, but for some reason art leaves them at a loss. It could be the idea of purchasing something expensive or that could be expensive is a challenge. It may be they do not want to make a mistake when choosing something that could end up worthless. They may also realize that their art choice is a representation of their personal taste and while they can follow design rules and color rules for choosing much of their dcor, their art choices are based on preferences. If someone criticizes their collection, they may take it personally. In order to avoid these anxieties and finally get art into your living space, there are a few things to consider. First, decide what type of art you want to include in the space. You may want display pieces only. Others may want to bring art into the home in more active ways and they should choose utilitarian pieces that have been created by an artist. Others will want to bring art into the space in the form of music. This is a great idea, but it may require some effort. For instance, you will need to borrow or rent, or buying piano moving equipment or a piano moving dolly if you would like that instrument in your living space. Piano wheels make the instrument easy to move small distances once it is in your home, but you may want the assistance of a professional to get it through the front door. Other methods for incorporating art into your space is through your utilitarian items. Lighting, furniture, and other dcor items make great art pieces. For instance, color can be added to your walls with a hand painted mural. Lighting can be sculptural in nature and your furniture can serve as seating or table tops, but also be reflective of an artistic style. Many period furniture pieces are alone considered art items. You can even create your own art installations by choosing certain items and creating pairings of furniture and dcor items. An entire room can be like a work of art if it is styled correctly. If you are looking for ways to bring art into your living space, you have a lot of options. The best thing to do is make personal choices based on your current style and what you like, and then sit back and enjoy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: