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Correct understanding of child sex education – Sohu maternal and child, ah, my family is always moving to touch my breasts! Grow up will not be very ah!" True halo! When I was out there, I always lifted my skirt, and sometimes I ran out to lift someone else’s skirt. I didn’t want to take him out!" 2 year old baby will always like to touch his mother’s thighs, touch the mother’s breasts and other actions, in fact, the baby through these actions is to tell us: his "critical period of growth of sexual consciousness" to the! If at this time, mom and dad to be given to children to grow up "action" with "bullying, lewd" label, or use words or action to stop the baby, the child will establish gender awareness of adverse effects, if not timely handle will cause the child gender or easily transsexuals (gay). Sex culture is not equal! 0-3 is an important stage to cultivate gender identity and sexual identity, the heart experts think: in the three stages of development, is the key period of early childhood, children should pay attention to the child’s subconscious, children will lay a foundation of the development of all. During this period, children learn about gender differences by interacting with family members. Mom and dad as the child’s best teacher of sexual education, in the early childhood to give the baby "sexual help" and "sexual experience", the child’s sexual psychology can be healthy development. However, because of the spread of the "gender" information on the media, the amount is large, it is necessary to let the baby receive a healthy sex education. The young father and mother to children together to learn sexual knowledge, so that it can properly deal with sensitive behavior of children’s development, to prevent the baby hurt or distorted, increasing the number of homosexuals in today’s society is telling us that we should pay attention to small treasure treasure "sexual orientation" psychological distortion. There are two main ways of the children’s sexual satisfaction in the critical period of the growth of sexual consciousness. Is to himself as object, such as thumb sucking, touch the chicken (penis) or labia, or let others touch themselves, and the children will clamp thigh friction or straddle on the arm of the chair to move back and forth and so on. The second is to get pleasure from someone else’s body. Like to touch and kiss her breast, with bare thighs if others will want to can’t help to feel, will gradually focus on others body (the old Mom and dad want to follow the toilet on the mother’s underwear interest) and so on. This seemingly abnormal behavior is the child in the "critical period of growth of sexual consciousness" in the exploration of sexual organs, gender, referred to as "sexual action". But the lift skirt is not the same, the baby will lift the skirt is mainly about the structure of the skirt of curiosity, not to say that you want to see other people’s skirts. So sometimes you will find that their children love to play hide and seek game in the skirts very. In fact, the baby behind every action has a personality of psychological motivation: 1 if you find the children too dependent on you, there may be the baby has produced exploration of the characteristics of female; 2相关的主题文章: