Confront each other with daggers! Trump Hilary debate rarely shake hands poper

Confront each other with daggers! Trump Hilary debate begins rare no hand video screenshot: Trump Hilary’s opening debate handshake original title: Hilary Trump confrontation again fiery debate’s opening handshake CNR net Beijing on October 10th news Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that more than one hour before the 2016 election, the two presidential candidates — Hilary and Trump the second TV debates in the United States at the University of Washington in Saint Louis has just ended. Unlike the first debate, Hilary and Trump avoided the "ritual" handshake. The second debate takes the form of a "town hall meeting", where the two candidates and the audience are in a relatively small space, and the candidates can sit on their own or walk around the stage. The audience raised half of the problem, the other half of the question raised by the moderator. The two candidates have 2 minutes to answer questions. At the start of today’s debate, first of all, Hilary answered a question about children’s education. Today the debate is still 1.5 hours, although the debate according to process requirements, candidates and not mutual questions, but the two sides around the Trump insult women "recording", Hilary’s "mail", terrorism, Syria and ethnic minorities and other issues in a fierce debate. Just this past weekend, Trump is a vulgar, obscene and insulting women includes conversation exposure. This is like a heavy bomb set off a great disturbance in the United States, at least 36 party chiefs asking him to withdraw from the election. In today’s debate, CNN host on the tape incident to Trump questions, Trump once again to insult women’s remarks and apologize, denied, said: Trump owes the American people an apology. In this regard, the audience full of expression Trump said back, owe the people of the United States is an apology for the Hilary, he throws the weapon is the "mail door" incident of. Hilary and Trump made their first presidential debate in September 27th. From the market and polls to see Hilary win, but the network of public opinion is that Trump won. However, after Trump broke the scandal of insulting women, the party claimed to support the vice presidential candidate to run for president, so that the months since the start of the campaign to face the worst crisis in the past 16 months. What is the comment of the US media on the debate that has just ended? Global Chinese radio network, the United States special observers Yu Hao said that tonight’s debate is filled with gunpowder from the beginning, the intensity of the two attacks on each other is much stronger than the first game. Although the debate began, two people came to power after refusing to shake hands is regarded as a major part of the American media, two people are ready to go to war. "Time" refers to the two person is naked war. At first, the spearhead directed at the exposure of Trump in 2005 to show off playing with women’s recording. Several times Trump said, this is just like chatting in the locker room, not so important, he said the apology spoken, but I hope people to focus on more important, as the Islamic state armed organization of the threat of things. And Hilary grabbed it相关的主题文章: