Conan Obrien Watch Out – Duke Fightmaster Is Coming For You!

Arts-and-Entertainment What if an out of work husband and his overworked wife started a talk show from their bedroom? And what if this talk show turns out to be a hit? Such is the case with the Duke Fightmaster Show. The first episode was 7 minutes long with 2 people in the audience. 70 episodes later Duke Fightmaster of Laguna Niguel now has a fanatical local following that shows up each week to watch the next live show taping. In today’s challenging economy, it is noteworthy when something actually succeeds, from the comfort of one’s own home. This week on Friday April 17, their special guest includes actress / philanthropist Veronica Grey, who is discussing her final published work, "The Giggle Crack," and the most recent completed film in which she co-stars, "Checkpoint DreamYourTopia," – a Burning Man 2008 Documentary starring today’s most eminent Dutch artist – Dadara, motocross firebrand Von Launius, and their "border control checkpoint into your dreams." This art installation and the filming of it was definitely one of the highlights of Burning Man 2008. The theme of Burning Man 2008 was the American Dream and the Duke Fightmaster show is exactly that: a story of one man’s journey to recapture his soul that was taken by the modern day rat race. What happens when someone follows their passion with complete abandon? That is the essence of the Duke Fightmaster Show. At first his wife, Lesley Fightmaster, was upset with Duke "not working;" but he has since been able to calm her down by making her his sidekick. It helps that Lesley has a great voice as she sings every other show. Hey, it worked for Tim Allen’s "Home Improvement," when he brought on Pamela Anderson. There’s something about blonde magic… Ryan Wesierski is billed as Duke’s "Right-hand man" as they delight their growing following with fake commercials (such as of the local Vegan restaurant) and real guests, like KC from the Howard Stern show, an icon Duke Fightmaster emulates. The Duke Fightmaster show is structurally based loosely on the Howard Stern show, except Ryan Wesierski is more of an Andy Kaufman type than a Robin Quivers persona. The show is taped in front of a live audience on Friday nights in Laguna Niguel, CA, and is posted on their website the following week, usually Tuesday. Their hilarious You-Tube Channel calls out Conan O’Brien: Bring it! It is time for Late Night to "Duke It Out!" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: