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Mountain Living at its Best Nancy Lindblade of Metro Broker’s Luxury Mountain Lifestyles can help you buy or sell real estate in Summit County. She knows the area and will help you find the right place for you whether it’s a full-time or part time lifestyle you are looking for. Call Nancy Lindblade at 970-390-5505. Interviewer: Hi, welcome to Metro Brokers TV, I am here with Nancy Lindblade with Luxury Mountain Lifestyles. So Nancy, tell us a little bit about what you do, you are joining us today from Summit County, tell us about the things that you like to do there? Nancy Lindblade: I am a real estate broker, first and foremost up there and that’s pretty much 24/7 but I love the area, I have been there for 30 years and I am just pretty much an active mountain person, so it’s fun to introduce my clients to what there is to do in Summit County. Interviewer: Definitely, now how long have you been selling real estate? Nancy Lindblade: I have been licensed since the late 70s and started in Summit County in ‘82. I took a little bit of time off to raise two daughters but actively probably about 17 years. Interviewer: Great, what areas do you focus on? Nancy Lindblade: I focus on all Summit County’s ski areas, which is Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, Silverthorne, some unincorporated areas that people might not be familiar with such as Wildernest and Summit Cove; those areas. Interviewer: Great, now what makes Summit County unique for full time and part time homeowners? Nancy Lindblade: You know we have a mix, 60% to 80% are second homeowners or vacation homeowners. Summit County is considered Colorado’s playground. We are recreational friendly; we have everything from skiing and hiking, to excellent golf courses. We are known for our four world class ski resorts, which is Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone and A-Basin, but we are also very close to Loveland and Vail resorts. Interviewer: Okay and you support those areas as well? Nancy Lindblade: Yes, it’s just a short drive, our property values are little more affordable, it’s just right over the pass, so it makes for great skiing, great opportunities there; also summer activities, biking, hiking, golfing. Lake Dillon is located right in the center of Summit County, which is a 27 mile shoreline of gorgeous mountain lake. Interviewer: It’s beautiful, well how has the market been in Summit County? Nancy Lindblade: It’s been clearly stable, we had little dip in 2009, but we’re coming out of that. I would say the best way to look at statistics, real estate wise, is to go onto my website., I do a quarterly update on the market activity that comes through Land Title and it keeps people updated on the latest market statistics. I think the most important thing people want to hear is only 1% to 2% of our total sales are foreclosures and short sales. Interviewer: Okay. Nancy Lindblade: So it’s a pretty stable market we haven’t had the activity in that arena that lot of markets have. Interviewer: And what is your website? Nancy Lindblade: The website is at Luxury Mountain Lifestyles. Interviewer: Okay. Nancy Lindblade: A little bit long, but worth the look! Interviewer: Definitely will be, so tell us how you help your buyers buying the perfect place in the mountains for them? Nancy Lindblade: I really listen to what my buyers have to say, all of my clients, I feel like my job is to be an information broker to provide them with the best information possible for them to make an informed decision. People are very savvy in our market, there are CEOs of companies of average ages 59 or average house value is $750,000, and for a condo it’s $300,000. So you are looking in an upper price range for people, so it’s very important to listen to what they have to say to fit it to their family and lifestyle, it’s all about selling lifestyle not just real estate. Interviewer: Great. Well then how can buyers and sellers contact you? Nancy Lindblade: The best way is 24/7 on my cell phone at 970-390-5505 and through my website at Luxury Mountain Lifestyles. Interviewer: Thank you so much for joining us today on Metro Brokers TV. Thank you Nancy for joining us with Luxury Mountain Lifestyles, and for more real estate related videos, go online to Metro Brokers TV. About the Author: Metro Brokers: Providing the Framework, Structure, Brand and Freedom for Real Estate Brokers to work Professionally, Efficiently and Profitably. Metro Brokers, Inc. has been Colorado’s leader in real estate, technology and services, for more than 30 years, offering independent real estate professionals a framework to succeed. 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