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Home-Improvement Nowadays, different types of steam cleaners are just .ing out the market and one of them is vapor steam cleaner. Vapor steam cleaners are versatile cleaning machines that heat water to very high temperatures resulting in a low-pressure and low moisture vapor. This dry vapor steam is use to clean and sanitize domestic, .mercial or industrial surfaces. Vapor steam cleaners are: * Capable of sanitizing any surface. One feature of Tecnovap vapor steam cleaners that top the other steam cleaning machine is that they are innovated with strong anti-bacterial properties known as ATIS. It is a unique technology equipped to its vapor steam cleaners for killing bacteria and fungi that have proven of killing 99.9 percent of E. coli, listeria, and various kinds of fungi. * Capable of chemical-free cleaning. Vapor steam cleaners offer the benefit of chemical-free cleaning by using only water converted into a dry vapor steam. This vapor steam produced by steam cleaner pe.rates porous materials; cracks and crevices of surfaces being cleaned. This makes vapor steam cleaners very effective in destroying bacteria, molds and mildew, dust mites, bed bugs and other unwanted micro.anisms on tile, bathroom fixtures, refrigerators, countertops, rugs, upholstered furniture, drapes and mattresses. All these are achieved without the use of harmful chemicals. Vapor steam cleaners works well without the need for soap or other cleaning solution. * Capable of creating a healthy environment. Another feature of vapor steam cleaners are the HEPA filters that allow these cleaning machines to extract even the tiniest dust particles and deposit them in water, thus purifying the air. This HEPA high filtration system makes it perfect for aged care, hospitals, schools and hotels where dust filtration is important. Vapor steam cleaners are capable of cleaning and disinfecting almost any surface with the use of vapor steam, a powerful cleaning tool better than chemicals or mop and bucket. Optimizing vapor steam cleaner gives an exceptional and outstanding cleaning result without optimizing toxic chemicals thus creates a healthy environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: