Choosing A Broom And Dust Pan .bination-yvette yates

Home-Improvement Googly eye attachments. Swiveled head. Locking Handle. These all sound as if they should describe some strange new childrens toy. In fact they do not. They actually describe broom and dust pan .binations. Yes there is currently a broom and dust pan fully equipped with googly eyes and a big smile, just to make cleaning fun. Ha, ha! If you are like me cleaning is anything but fun and I am most definitely not going to pay extra for a broom that literally stares at me from the corner. So what would I buy? I want, as most do, an efficient and inexpensive .bination that works well. Let me guess you are asking, Does that even exist? Well yes but it is a little different from Mr. Googly Eyes. Many good broom and dust pan .binations are available for reasonable prices. Most of these will run between $10 and $20. When shopping for these you will want to know how to get your moneys worth. Here are some things to look for. The broom its self should be light weight and durable. Brooms with a dual bristle design will work best because they will move both large and small objects. These bristles will allow the broom to be used on carpeting as well and even homes with carpeting require a broom and dust pan .bination for occasional mishaps. A smooth plastic design that will not damage walls or wooden furniture will allow you to work quickly without worrying about possible damages. A narrow design is excellent if you will be using the broom in small or awkward areas. The design of the dust pan is nearly as important as that of the broom. Most broom and dust pan .binations allow the pan to snap on to the broom. Be sure to find a set that has this feature. This feature both protects the broom from damage and protects the pan from loss. The design of the scoop part of the pan should be relatively smooth and should not have any large crevices. The rougher a pan is the more difficult your pickup will be. A rough pan is also difficult to clean and part of your dirt may wind up back on the floor. While not all good broom and dust pan .binations feature googly eyes and a big smile, they will be functional and affordable. Find a set that follows the above specifics today and make your cleaning easier. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: