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Beijing branch of China Eastern Airlines to take a number of measures to protect the national passenger flow peak — travel channel to ensure that the "eleven" National Day Golden Week passenger safety and smooth and pleasant travel, the Beijing branch of China Eastern Airlines actively take various measures, ensure the normal flight on the smooth travel peak passenger flow security. Increase the self-service all-weather handling today, China Eastern Airlines opened 24 self-service check-in counters in the G islands and H head (CUSS) devices are open. Passengers only need to be used when the ticket valid ID scan can identify that the passenger flight number in the cuss machine, self select seats, click "print boarding" to complete the check-in operation, it only takes 3 steps, the fastest 10 seconds you can do a boarding pass. At the same time, visitors can also through the airline self-service, including online check-in, check-in (check-in, mobile phone WeChat APP client, SMS check-in), all-weather handling. Need to remind passengers to the airport self-service equipment is off 24 hours before the opening of self-service functions. Special attention for the eleven and eleven passenger groups on the eve of golden week and return peak three peak period, China Eastern Airlines Beijing branch Hattori arranged in the check-in hall, first-class cabin business class check-in area, Shanghai Express, T, word of mouth information desk desk and the apron gate personnel patrol, to provide mobile consulting, guidance, especially provide help for the elderly and disabled passengers special pregnant passengers holding a child. China Eastern Airlines check-in hall love counter dedicated to the old and sick pregnant area, provide convenience for special passengers. At the same time, the company actively Hattori, anxious passengers transfer passenger services, increase customer call off to find work, to provide emergency guest identification to rush off, do the handover of transit passengers, as far as possible to provide help and fast turnaround for passengers. To provide services and passenger travel guide to the late change. To strengthen the safety inspection before the National Day holiday, China Eastern Airlines Beijing service department in strict accordance with the National Day period duty and reporting system, the implementation of regional high-end double post inspection system. At the same time, strengthen the on-site inspection work, always pay attention to passenger trends, problems encountered in a timely and effective communication with the passengers, and properly deal with the problem quickly. Lounge area to strengthen on-site inspection and supervision of the third party, arrange for someone to carry out security inspections every day, focusing on the investigation of suspicious persons, suspicious objects. To strengthen the baggage transport safety inspection work, strengthen the machine to check the strength of the inspection, expand the scope of inspection. In strict accordance with the provisions of the new baggage at the check-in counter, checked baggage, boarding card luggage, requiring employees to do the Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone intelligent transportation, lithium battery, charging inquiry and inform the work of treasure. At the same time, do a good job of data records, in a timely manner with the BGS ground agent to strengthen communication and coordination, to solve the problem in a timely manner. To carry out rich and colorful space characteristics and activities of "eleven" during the national day, Eastern Airlines staff will be in the check-in Hall Shanghai Express check-in counters, T, word of mouth information desk apron desk, passenger lounge service area placed silk flowers, cards, candy, small flags, to create a festive atmosphere at National day. At the same time, in the air and the ground to carry out a variety of colorful activities to enrich the ground and on the plane service experience, the staff will be more相关的主题文章: