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The capital of ecological civilization Stride — Environmental Protection — as of August 26, 2016, South to North Water Diversion Project into the water for nearly 1 billion 600 million cubic meters, more than 1100 people benefit, the city’s average groundwater depth compared with the same period last year in July rose 62 cm, drinking water quality improved significantly. Many people may not know, it cannot do without the "Beijing technology innovation action plan (2014 – 2017)" in the capital construction of the ecological environment and the development of environmental protection industry special "(hereinafter referred to as the" special ecological environment ") support. An important work of the special, is around the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, focusing on water conservancy construction and operation etc. the demand of science and technology, aiming at the safe construction and operation of the key link, to provide a full range of technical support for the system of town water risk prevention and control, city water distribution scheduling security, scientific hydrating water etc.. According to the deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission Zhang Guanglian introduced by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission as the lead organization, jointly implemented jointly with the municipal water authority, municipal water diversion office, the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Gardens Bureau and other departments of the "capital of the ecological environment, the deployment of the" special "water resources protection and utilization, waste disposal and resource use" and "Beijing ecological function to enhance the" three key tasks. Based on the special "build a harmonious world-class livable, provide scientific and technological support to solve ecological environment problems, the formation of output technology and the concept of city development, the application of scientific and technological innovations to improve the management level of city construction and the construction of ecological civilization level." "Since the implementation of the ecological environment of the capital projects, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, combined with relevant bureaus, strengthen top-level planning and design, the development of scientific research in the development of sewage treatment and recycled water use, water diversion, solid waste disposal, mineral development, city quality breeding and other aspects, and provide strong scientific support for the capital to improve the ecological environment, to lead and promote the rapid development of environmental protection industry. Water conservation, water conservation for the first. Under the support of the capital ecological environment, a number of research and development to promote a number of gas on behalf of water, waste generation on behalf of the new low cost of water resources to replace the technology, to promote the water saving indicators in Beijing ranks first in the country. According to statistics, "12th Five-Year" at the end, Beijing yuan GDP water consumption and water consumption yuan industrial added value than the "11th Five-Year" at the end of the period fell more than 30%; rainwater utilization projects will reach 63 million 660 thousand cubic meters; 950 million cubic meters of recycled water utilization in 2015, accounting for about 25% of the city’s total water use. Seize the opportunity of large-scale governance of the national water environment to support the capital enterprises to go out". In the environment of capital projects under the support of Beijing city formed covering technology development, equipment manufacturing, recycling plant design construction and operation management, financing and other aspects of a complete industrial chain, in the service of capital and national service. Among them, fiber dial filtration technology, underground sewage treatment plant, the "red" bacteria denitrification technology, MBR more than 20, in the city’s 14 sewage treatment plant application, the cumulative processing capacity of about 2 million 800 thousand tons a day; membrane method, biological method and other mainstream technology reached the international leading national sewage, a flow, shape)相关的主题文章: