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Can you feel the breath of autumn? Sohu mother and child autumn breath, you caught it? Whether you live in the South or north of China, what do you think of autumn? Have you ever seen the big trees in autumn? Find a time to watch a big tree with your children and create a tree that belongs to you! In this paper, some materials for your reference. I wish you a happy holiday! Pumpkin seed pumpkin seed tree with edible pigment dyeing, the taste of autumn harvest. Paper tube to rubbing rubbing trees lush leaves, rich colors. Stereo tube health tube made three-dimensional trees leaves, effects are great pasta tree shell pasta stain, fruit trees. The foil painting tree free foil is the autumn squeezed rub brush. Finger painting trees in autumn, north wind, this is the kind of scene. Is it an apple tree? There are a lot of ripe apples fall down. 3D paper tree trunk to restore the tree, like a piece of paper leaves withered. Leaves stickers to collect nature autumn leaves, a simulated autumn sticker. Bubble painting tree packaging foam waste utilization, choose your favorite autumn colors. Cauliflower tree kitchen also has created a strange enough brush, cauliflower! The tree puzzle pieces of waste dyeing, this tree is very handsome oh! Kraft paper bag tree felt as complicated and difficult to deal with. Plush ball tree baby must like the plush practice. Paper tree red, yellow, brown, rubbing the paper to paste the lush big canopy. The trees outside the window out of the window of the autumn gave the fundus, want to take it in? At the same time the alphabet tree do manual alphabet, learn and play the autumn. The autumn leaves mottled mottled leaves, geometric modeling unique taste. Knitting wool yarn head to create a soft tree. Grain cereals create four seasons trees trees, autumn and the winter, and also changing its beauty of nature. "If there is a next life, to be a tree, stand in the eternal, there is no sad posture: half in the dust in the air, half in the air, half of the shade, half of the sun. Very quiet very proud, never rely on never looking for." Autumn fairy tale is golden, can also be colored. The beauty of autumn leaves rustle when touching the ground, is when the fruit is ripe light gas, is the accumulation of the harvest. I hope you fall in love, love in the autumn of every tree and bush.相关的主题文章: