Calling for the peak of Beijing literature literary Forum t6570

"Calling for the peak era of Beijing literature" literary forum         in the history of contemporary Chinese literature, Beijing literature has experienced a spectacular era. With the Beijing city building, remodeling pattern transformation, traditional customs, weakening the former away, Beijing literature and the emergence of new changes in the content and style of writing. How to write a vivid story of Beijing in the great pattern of the times, keep the outstanding tradition of Beijing literature and the leading position of the national advanced culture, Beijing literature is facing new opportunities and challenges. Activity name "calls for the Beijing literature peak age" Literature Forum October 14th time 9:00-12:00 venue of Beijing publishing group office building conference room on the 6 floor of the guests Chinese Writers Association vice chairman, Party members, Secretary Li Jingze, "literary newspaper" editor Liang Hongying, the Beijing Writers Association Secretary General Wang Shengshan, general manager of Beijing publishing group, Han Jingqun "October" magazine editor Chen Dongjie, the famous critic Hu Ping, Cheng Guangwei, Chen Fumin, Bai Ye, Li Zhaoquan, He Shaojun, Meng Fanhua, Zhang Ning, Li Linrong, Li Yunlei, the famous writer Xiao Fuxing, Ye Guangcen, Lin Bai, Wan Fang, Xu Xiaobin, Zhu Yong, Liu Yida, Shi, rather Yifeng, Tang three little etc.. Brief introduction of the forum, the guests will how to scientifically grasp the theme of the times and the creation, to seize the major themes and important nodes; how to do the planning of literary and artistic creation, the formation of a barometer of the Beijing literary and artistic creation; how to reflect the introduction of socialist core values, as well as the test of history and the people, but also can reflect the spirit of the times, the characteristics of Beijing, the capital level of excellent works, Beijing literature from the "Plateau" to "peak" breakthrough and other topics in-depth study.  相关的主题文章: