By love halo what constellation love super rational (Figure) baxia

Love is dizzy: what constellation love super reason (Figure) the lucky papercranes love what constellation super rational love, but is in fact a play after all is said and done, male and female, because the fate come together, as the outcome is not expected, like the weather is constantly changing. But, once some people into the play, will be more and more deep, and even lost themselves, has been unable to find the exit, but some people will not be confused by the love to get confused, until the beginning are very clear. Aquarius Aquarius personality cheerful, thinking ahead, rational self-respect, with good reasoning ability and creativity, let others come up with some surprise, all of this, in the eyes of others is out of the ordinary, is an elusive sign, but in fact, they are just starting from different angles, and not used to do too much explanation, so there will be strong personality. Love is not a necessity for them, though, will also enjoy the beautiful fantasy, even if intoxicated, can feel the happiness in the world of love, they will be put into the deep emotion and sincerity, but once restrained or uneasy, so liberal will play a role in the bottle. They can do to make things, can not stand all day immersed in the memories of the swamp. Life there are too many wonderful and brilliant to go through the experience, they will be separated in the day, the tears wet clothes clean, in the sun to dry the memories, the sad good, tomorrow, only to go out and happy. Yesterday’s story is just a small chapter, since has become the past, then quickly flip well, do not need to do too much to stay. The water bottle is always very natural to come and go freely in the country of love, without spending too much time and energy, you can fly freely. Aries is coming straight to the Aries, special self. Energetic, vibrant, interested has no matter how others oppose, how about, injured or who are worth mentioning, struggling forward, is will not let themselves leave what regret, regret also had to wait again. When you face love, it will be the same and the free will let go without hesitation, see atmosphere wrong, before the other meaning, they will choose to speak, perhaps a bit cold, but since that don’t fit together, feeling as was enthusiastic, why pretend smile, why continue together, the long break feelings, Aries do not, even if can act, rather than use the above. The field of love is not a necessarily enduring as the universe in the region, who knows the grief at separation and joy in union turns staged, the next step is to be divided? Even if you know how, but also must not step forward with the pace of happiness or is it hard to move forward? Aries is very clear this truth, therefore, the choice of the way is resolute, have the idea of decisive attack, exit is the same, what explains, what still love words are redundant. Sagittarius can be said to be born in the moment of freedom in the hearts of their deep-rooted presence, not because of the passage of time.相关的主题文章: