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Travel-and-Leisure London, the largest city by almost all measures in the United Kingdom attracts visitors from all over the world. ‘The City’ as it was called in its earlier days is said to be the international capital of trade, finance, music, education, culture and fashion. London is diversely cultured, colorful and noisy. Multicultural and vibrant, it is the conurbation of people, fun and energy. With fascinating monuments and exquisite places to visit, London is on every travelers wish list. London street food is famous across the world. Pop ups, street vans and stalls sell hot and fresh delicacies almost throughout the day at almost every corner in London. This sustainable, seasonal fresh food is usually served in boxes that make it easy to carry around. Many Londoners themselves pick up breakfast or an early lunch on their way to work from these street food joints. Londons street food has been inspired from all over the world and made on demand with an English twist. You might .e across a big red van serving a new menu of hot dogs and an array of dishes from the Middle East and Europe. Some favorites include the baba ghannouj, a puree made from aubergine, and the kibbe lahme which are deep fried lamb chops. A tiny stall outside the tube platform could be selling buttermilk waffles served with toppings of Greek style yoghurt and berries or bacon with maple syrup. The English are known for their tea and its sophisticated methods to prepare. Well, a refreshing cup of tea freshly brewed could also be found on a street corner. London is a great city for a couple to visit with so many activities and places to bond over. boutique hotels in London harp on this fact and try their best to make the stay very pleasant. The rooms are specially decorated and prepared for couples. Perfumed candles and drapes and sheets of the couples favorite color add to the charm. These romantic luxury hotels also provide facilities like wi-fi internet, luxury ac.modation and spas. Some boutique hotels in London also plan out itinerates for couples that include the best places in the city. From hot air balloons to cruises in the Thames, these romantic luxury hotels go the extra mile to make the stay very special for couples. After a long day in the city, the hotel also arranges for a couple-massage or a relaxing spa. The hotel also sometimes sends up breakfast in bed or their best champagne and dark chocolates up to the room. Couples have a great time staying at such places and the hotels make sure they do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: