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Health If you wish to join the ranks of nursing assistants then aside from taking CNA classes, you must have two things: a desire for helping people and an abundance of .passion. The job is not easy but you may find it to be quite rewarding. Many experienced nurses who care for patients for a number of years are able to observe a new CNA’s dismay as they be.e overwhelmed by the amount of work involved and the break-neck pace .mon in this type of career. When challenging situations arise, the assistants who seem most able to handle and manage their stress are the ones who truly have .passion for the patients in their care. The Right Attitude A good nursing assistant does not view his or her job as simply one that allows his or her bills to be paid; people with such an attitude do not last very long in this field and have definitely gotten onto the wrong career path. They must also possess a lot of patience and a good amount of self-confidence. Their maturity level matters too. You will learn the basics by taking CNA classes but having good interpersonal skills and being able to work well in team situations are essential to the success of all those in the healthcare industry. Training and Certification To be.e a CNA, you need to be trained and certified. The exact requirements depend on the state where you live. Different areas of the country may refer to CNAs as patient-care technicians, home health aides, nurse’s aides, nursing assistants, or orderlies. So when looking for classes, be aware of the field’s lingo. Classes for training may be offered for free at local healthcare facilities such as nursing homes. These are usually full-time courses lasting from 2-6 weeks. It is a bit like on-the-job training as you will be learning as you gain real-life experience. Many times your state testing will be paid for also. Keep in mind you may be required to be employed at the facility for a time as an exchange for the training. Availability and Cost Local colleges and the Red Cross offer CNA classes. They cost between $300 to $600 and take up to six months to .plete. The training is extensive and CNAs often feel better prepared and more confident when .pleting a course .pared to those who were trained at local healthcare facilities. Another option is online CNA classes offered through .munity colleges or non-profit healthcare organizations. They are convenient because you can do the course work at home and on your own time; you do have to find time to .plete on-site clinicals and labs. The State Exam After .pleting the required training hours, you will need to take and pass the state test to be.e certified. This will include a written exam and a clinical skills test. Your trainer will usually arrange for the test. Before you obtain your certificate, you can usually work for up to 3-4 months after .pleting your training hours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: