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family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand some children born not afraid of life, some children with family members like a stranger avoid being seen frightened bird. Parents hope that children don’t really care about a small liberal and dignified, when children grow up, so there will be more and more shy, serious will affect the future growth. There are many reasons for being shy. In addition to congenital, there are the following reasons: first, the development of self-awareness, fear of others do not respect themselves, not friendly. Two, low self-evaluation, afraid that others say their ability to try to avoid. Three, a stranger anxiety. Generally speaking, five or six months to a year and a half, this phenomenon is relatively heavy, but some children will be delayed or prolonged, to two years after the performance, your child may belong to this category. Four, there may be "foresee", and children play together, have been bullied, unwilling to play with them, show withdrawal etc.. The children have this performance, you can do this: 1 don’t criticize, don’t frighten, don’t force him to force him to call a person, and a friend to play, to relax, to this accept his character or his tolerance in this stage. 2 don’t be shy as a wrong behavior, expressed dissatisfaction with this behavior, and even hinted that he had this behavior, all do not like him. On the contrary, it is necessary to be treated with a sense of heart, to know that he did not greet adults, and children do not play together, and there is no big problem. Often after three years old, he will automatically. 3 don’t label him when he says he’s a shy kid. To be sure, the logo will be deeply embedded in his heart, he will think that he is like this, and perhaps later he will use this logo to avoid people who do not like (this is conscious). 4 for low self-esteem of children, to help them improve their self-confidence, learn to play with toys (such as building blocks, wooden bead string), slide, swing etc.. In this way, they can keep up with other children, may be willing to play with the children. 5 to friends, colleagues to do the work, do not ask too much of this child " called ". Best to stay away from him, gradually approaching, he can adapt to, then, he will take the initiative to " called ". " call a person " is a kind of courtesy, but if the person is too good, willing to accept people, people talk to him and play, he can be friendly to each other, don’t call people also don’t have much relationship. 6 or to tell some stories, those who do not shy, courageous little master affect him. I remember years ago had a cartoon called " the shy little oriole, " about a little but very shy, not dare in front of everyone singing, although it sings very well. After being encouraged by many friends, it began in the big picture相关的主题文章: