At& t acquisition of Time Warner accused of high prices or face regulatory hurdles kaya scodelario

AT& T Time Warner was accused of high prices or face regulatory hurdles to view the latest market Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 23rd morning news, AT& T announced on Saturday that the price will be $85 billion 400 million acquisition of time warner. The deal will make AT& T telecommunications and pay TV service and Time Warner entertainment media empire together, which is since 2011 Kang Custer’s acquisition of NBC global telecom operators, again to buy a large media company. The deal is subject to regulatory approval, but it is not clear whether the deal will be approved. The possibility of the emergence of a media giant has become the subject of this year’s u.s.. Republican presidential candidate Trump has announced that if he is elected president of the United States, he will veto the deal, because it will lead to too much power in the hands of a small number of people". Democratic Senator Franken of Minnesota, · (Al Franken), said the deal immediately sparked questions about the integration of the media market". He will ask for more information to determine what impact the deal will have on consumers. AT& T CEO Randall · (Randall Stephenson) will serve as a merger of the company’s CEO. He said the deal will help AT& T to provide unique services, especially mobile terminal services. But he didn’t give more details. Time Warner CEO Geoff · (Jeff Bewkes); bex in a transitional period after the completion of the transaction will remain with the company. He says more money will help more programs and movies. Both sides stressed that the merger, the two companies’ innovation will become easier, but also do not need to negotiate for the use of content. The merged company may be able to further study how to target users based on interest and personal data. New Street Research analyst Jonathan · (Jonathan) said that the acquisition of Time Warner may be AT& T for Kang Custer, "a good defensive move". Custer is currently actively exploring new business. Custer in August this year, the acquisition of DreamWorks animation. Even if the deal can be approved by the U.S. regulatory authorities, but it is still possible that regulators will impose a number of restrictions on the merger of the company, so that the loss of the original meaning of the transaction. MoffettNathanson analyst Craig · (Moffett), said: "it is difficult to imagine what you can do on paper from the (Craig). Perhaps only DirecTV users can watch HBO, or AT& T wireless service users can watch TNT or TBS. However, such acts may be prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the anti-monopoly law." )相关的主题文章: