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Medicine * What are the different types of anxiety disorders? Anxiety disorders are categorized into five types. They have similarities but differ in signs and symptoms. These are the five types of anxiety disorders: Panic Disorder it is an intense fear that attacks more often characterized by alpitations, dyspnea, chest pain and dizziness Obsessive-.pulsive Disorder an uncontrollable behavior occurring frequently and brought on by impulses Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder constant symptoms and the effects from traumatic events in a person’s life Phobias an unexplainable extreme fear to something Generalized Anxiety Disorder generally found over a long-term for at least six months. It is characterized by constant, extreme, worrisome thoughts that are never rational. * How is an anxiety disorder different from severe stress? Anxiety disorder is a psychological condition wherein there is a prolonged process responsible for the condition. Anxiety can also cause different types of phobias. If these phobias are not treated, they will develop into more severe forms. Severe stress is different from anxiety disorder as severe stress is widely affected by external stimuli. If a person is unable to relax well, he manifests severe stress syndrome. It can be acquired both psychologically and physiologically. * How is anxiety different from a phobia? Phobia is defined as it is an irrational and unreasonable extreme fear to a particular situation or things that are not dangerous by nature and are not found to be troublesome by other individuals. In contrast, anxiety disorders are emotional illnesses characterized by excessive fear, autonomic nervous system symptoms and addictive and avoidance behaviors. However, a person with a phobia has intense symptoms of anxiety arising during a particular situation or when frightened by a specific stimuli. * How is anxiety different from average everyday nervousness or worry? Nervousness or worry is normal for individuals. It is part of the normal reaction to different stimuli. However it a problem when it occurs long term or if it is chronic. Like fear, it is a normal response if there is the presence of danger or in unexpected situations. Like anxiety, it is generally more .plex and lasts for a long period of time. It is characterized by nervousness, dyspnea and an inability to think clearly. * Is performance anxiety ("stage fright") normal? Stage fright is one of the .mon manifestations of anxiety. For most people, this is a normal tendency. This is the feeling of being un.fortable in front of the crowd. In America, this is considered to be the greatest anxiety disorder. It takes a lot of courage for a person to present himself before an audience. * What is a panic attack? Panic attack is a type of anxiety disorder where there is a fear of having spontaneous panic-like symptoms in a place where help is not accessible. Major symptoms of the disorder include breathing difficulty, increased pulse rate, chest pain and nausea. * What is agoraphobia? Agoraphobia is closely related to panic attack. This is a condition where people suffer from being in open places or crowds. It is derived from the literal definition that means "fear of the marketplace." In actuality the fear doesn’t necessarily .e from the fear of being in open places; rather, it .es from the fear of having a panicky feeling when the person is in public where escaping can be difficult or where help is not readily available. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: