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Software Android is a product of Google and provide an open source platform to the developers. In the present era of Smartphone Android OS powered devices are dominate lot of fun, interesting applications and give a popularity proof in the mobile market. The Android platform getting more strong in the Smartphone app development market, while outsource Android app development .pany are getting much advantage through this platform. The working of Smartphone these days as portable PCs as outsource android app development and its system is based on Linux kernel. App can be easily created for Smartphone without having any difficulty while having some knowledge of development and gain a great profit of your investment. There are many outsource Android development .pany which are offering app development services. This is sure that Android apps increase the business and more revenues. The system of Android facilitates free use of capital for programming the different app The updates of Android version include fix bugs and add new functionality and facilities. The latest version is jelly bean during Ice cream sandwich with some additional functionality and innovative features. One can see that the Android expected name is Key lime pie. Here is the list of Android versions Cup cake Donut clair Froyo Ginger bread Honey.b Ice cream sandwich Jelly bean The open source of this platform gives a great opportunity to the Android app developers to publish their mobile solutions in Android mobile market. At that moment there are more than 7000000 apps available for sale in Android market some are free and some are paid. These apps give a hardly proof that Android platform at the top of mobile market. There are many Android experts using SDK for their client necessities. The experts of Android developers even formed 2D and 3D apps with the help of open GL technology. Some of the Android application consists of business app, hospitality app, security app, .munication app with location based service, social networking apps, multimedia apps, travel apps and many more. Advantages of Android platform Graphical support: Android platform gives a high built support for 2D and 3D graphics which help to attract maximum number of user to their Smartphone application. High quality graphics plays an important role to maximize the visitors. Games app is totally depend on high quality graphics. Cost effective: Android apps are cost effective as an open source platform. The world wide range of android application development is very low cost so outsource Android app Development .pany deliver high quality apps at affordable price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: