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Grilled a steak of famous works of gorgeous coat Kong Wei "non famous Tibet" collectors Lao Wang recently met a new problem: ranging from a few million to more than hundreds of thousands, and not easy to buy Hetian jade carving masters, now as long as a few thousand dollars up to ten thousand dollars to hand easily, but also have a famous collection certificate issued by the scan code, it also did indeed come from the hands of masters, could not be more authentic authentic. Lao Wang is wondering: what the hell is this? Is the current economic doldrums, the value of the famous works of cliff style decline? That before the high price to buy things do not really hit the hand?! Wang found two works the same by careful comparison, the carving technique is quite deep understanding he finally found the problem: two works at first glance style and skill no difference, but careful observation is not difficult to find, his collection of works both in dealing with ingenious ideas, techniques or clever details that is obviously superior in stratagem. You still have your opinion A thing has its cause., truth, and naturally there are cheap cheap reason. Is it that these masters live in the hands of too much time on the busy, so rough? Wang put himself at home over several days, come to own a surprise conclusion: not only is the problem is not the material problem, it should be said that compared with the real masters, works are not the same charm. Plainly, these famous works are not really from famous, at least not by the famous signature on the certificate! The answer is, Lao Wang has more confused. One asked, Wang really dumbfounded: in some places (such as Nanyang, there are stone Buddha Temple) dedicated by falling for the famous sculptor! They did previously is carved in their works, but because the market competition is too fierce, indifferent person life can be, want to make a lot of money is difficult. But some famous works is based on ordinary works on the value of tens of hundreds of times, the secret lies in the works on the Kuanshi (at least they think so)! So, in a work with the famous "long" very similar, the price is not too high on the carved pieces of famous models, will not greatly enhance the market price of the works? Should say, the money can be thousands of times of famous research more easily than the whole jade shape, meaning, design and so on, specializing in business than with the inscription, a piece of material to go pondering pondering bother with engraving much simpler, but earn more! "The professional division inscribed" was born, and gradually became the climate. Before going to the "jade" is known as the stone Buddha Temple, I learned from the local Jade mouth to fall, a famous money charge about 200 yuan, usually one or two days can be taken, the inscription general enough luanzhen. "It is said that some people have taken us here to give the money to the owner himself, even he can not see where there is a problem." "Professional division inscribed" is proud. But then the question is: masters have established their own websites, works in the inscription at the same time, also issued with pictures, famous signature collection certificate (identification certificate, issued by the accreditation bodies because of the famous not.相关的主题文章: