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A cactus eating up the Mosuo people (8) – Arab tourism Sohu the last day of the Mosuo people Xiang Yang is a sentimentalist, enthusiastic talkative, take us to visit their old house, walked slowly understand here is not well known story. Here is the field of Ninglang Yi Autonomous County township of Lijiang City, is located in Yunnan and Sichuan at the junction of Jinsha River in the middle, they are Mosuo people, believe in Tibetan buddhism. Speaking of marriage, it is 8 lifetime ago, not so difficult, but the traditional financial woman retained, but only form. Yang said that the Arab country economic conditions are relatively poor, electricity is only 6 years, the highway is built eight years ago, before relying on Malay pack, to go to Lugu Lake one day, went to Lijiang for 3 days. Although the road through, but the overall economy is not enough, many are still in poverty line. Yang is a village genius, because the family was poor, only a few years of study, but he is hard-working, go, working outside to learn Mandarin, earn some money back to cover the building, but also the Arab Township first building. Now used to open a hotel, a few business a year. In the village of Yang brothers three gigantic cactus, ranked second. Mosuo people have an unwritten tradition, family property is only a third boss, not a second, but the family did not what property. Yang quipped, I eat cactus grew up, didn’t what to eat, eat with cactus. Give people a day down cattle every day, the reward is a tube of cake, alas, it was too horrible to look at. Old abandoned house in disrepair. The walls also keep in shreds and patches of the portrait of Premier Zhou also preserved granary is complete, at that time, the food is the most valuable, for security, the granary built at home, but also made the most strong. The village people still maintain the traditional living life in the village without a decent Road, there is no planning, one can not really get lost. Mosuo people of the old house is the original frame building, which houses not only has the advantages of warm in winter and cool in summer, but also to prevent earthquakes. The most interesting is the construction structure of Mosuo people usually form a courtyard, with three Zhaobi square, real wood, walls, forming an independent courtyard. The wooden building has nearly 100 years of history, although some old house furniture, but has been kept intact. On the corner of the wall hung a bunch of pig skulls, said his family is rich, every year there are pigs slaughtered. Yang now only wish their farmhouse well, and then drive the village with rich, although he is in debt, but full of confidence. After visiting the village, Yang took us to the Jinsha River grill. From the riverside picking a bunch of twigs, lit the fire, pour the potatoes and pork, a tangy. This simple and crude barbecue is the most primitive, small partners are the first to see, I feel very magical. Delicious to have no friends. Pork and potatoes just thrown into the fire, 15 minutes after the ripe. A pot of salt tea, a drink refreshed. Jinsha River on相关的主题文章: