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5 year old boy at home to play in his left hand into the conveyor belt is rolled off the two that the 19 day the reporter learned that, recently, a 5 year old boy playing at home, left hand into the conveyor belt, the two fingers caught in the belt, serious injury. Fortunately, timely medical treatment, to keep the fingers. According to the third hospital in a ward of mulberry Lijun doctors, recently a day night, 5 year old boy Xiaoqiang (a pseudonym) family was sent to the city third hospital in Xiuyan. At that time, Jack Bauer’s finger had been removed, was the father in the hospital bag towel, a drooping, serious fracture, small thumb nail bed fracture, the injury is very serious. Family members said that everyone in the work, Xiaoqiang close to the side of the conveyor belt, the result of an accident. After hand surgery director Zhou Lin and sang a doctor Lijun hours of surgery, Johnny was out of the operation room. At present, Jack Bauer recovered well. Director Zhou Lin said, the left hand can restore the basic function of bauer. Remind the majority of parents, some time ago, the hospital treated a lot of minor patients, mostly due to negligence caused by parents of children in distress. Hope that parents usually pay more attention to the child’s personal safety.相关的主题文章: