2017 national civil service exam guide verbal jint

The 2017 national civil service examination for the central authority in 2017 the national civil service examination guidelines for guidelines for the first chapter   applying for policies, about 1 of applicants. Which personnel can enter oneself for an examination? Applicants should meet the following conditions: (1) with People’s Republic of China nationality; (2) more than 18 years of age, 35 years of age (born between October 15, 1980 and October 15, 1998), 2017 fresh graduate and doctoral students (non working) age can be relaxed to 40 years of age (born after October 15, 1975); (3) for People’s Republic of China the constitution; (4) has a good character; (5) perform their duties with normal physical condition; (6) in accordance with the requirements of the work ability; (7) with college degree or above; (8) have provided the central civil service departments to position the requirements of other qualifications. 2. Which personnel can not enter oneself for an examination? Military personnel, in the reading of non graduates, serving civil servants and civil service management agencies (units) staff, can not register. Because of the crime criminal punishment personnel and dismissal from office staff, at all levels of the civil service recruitment has been identified as a fraud and other serious violations of discipline personnel employment, civil service law and civil administration departments (units) staff were dismissed under the age of 5 years, and the provisions of laws and regulations shall not be employed as civil servants and other circumstances the personnel shall not apply. In addition, candidates shall register with the authorities Zhaolu civil servants law sixty-eighth circumstances set position. The civil service law sixty-eighth stipulates: "the relationship of civil servants, lineal blood relationship, collateral relatives within three generations or close affinity, not in the same authority as both sides directly under the same leadership position or directly subordinate relationship between leadership positions, nor engage in organization, personnel, discipline inspection and supervision, audit and financial work in which one party leadership authority." 3. 2017 graduate students, directional Weipei students can apply for? The 2017 directional graduate students, in principle, shall not apply. 4. Why the civil service and civil service management agencies (units) staff can not register? In recent years, the central authorities open selection has gradually institutionalized, standardized, smooth grassroots civil servants upward flow channels. To this end, the central civil service authorities decided that the central organs of civil service recruitment examination is no longer serving civil servants, civil service law enforcement agencies (units) staff. 5. This year, the difficulties in the remote areas of grass-roots positions which tilt policy? In order to implement the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee on "improve grassroots civil service recruitment system in remote areas difficult due to lower barriers to entry" deployment of human resources and social security department, the CPC Central Committee Organization Department, the national civil service bureau 201)相关的主题文章: