2017 most expect digital platform bidding dinner, the successful conclusion – Sohu news winavi

"2017 of the most anticipated digital platform bid dinner ended in October 18th by the Sohu news, gold investment award sponsored, HYLINK exclusive contractor of the" 2017 most expect digital platform bid dinner ", under the famous host Cao Qitai" palm word ", in Shanghai successfully concluded.         as an important part of International Creative Awards Festival this year, the bidding dinner has attracted Iqiyi, music, science and technology, Sohu, Sohu choose Send video, Tencent, NetEase, Sina, micro-blog, little information, excellent friends Bullock a total of 11 media partners, they this package will be auctioned in the year 2017 the most value of their resources, the final total turnover of up to 146 million 200 thousand yuan, the United States, Chinese peace, by Jiaer barley – organic barley rice, as the media show, guirenniao, Ctrip brand owners take these resources to become the winner of this auction. As a special part of the bidding session, Ms. Chen Shu appeared in the bidding and delivered a speech for the dream of Love Charity Foundation for the collection of digital media resources. Chen Shu said in his speech, she more understand love dream to promote literacy education concept in the foundation of experience, knowledge, and willing to use its influence on media exposure and support for public welfare. MS Chen Shu’s speech deeply touched by the presence of the media, we have actively placards, a charitable contribution, raising the total amount of up to 24 million 210 thousand yuan. The auction are from major media, of various kinds, covering various aspects of reality show, arts network, online activities, to reach a wide range of people more profound, the auction new means of AR, VR, has been recognized by the presence of bidders. Appendix: brief introduction (arranged in order to bid auction) Iqiyi — "and" Huan Huan law "de law" is one of Ma Su, Wei Xiang and Yuchi Linjia co hosted a variety show, the program first try recording mode broadcast, adding more new technology and different cultural background and bad comedy, invited a performing Arts Star Cross comedy. Excellent friends Bullock — "I" large-scale brand original homemade interactive reality show, the use of today’s society — "moron" hot amateur as reality show star, let "moron" approached the elite enterprises to participate in the occupation division, collaboration, transformation of waste to talents. Sina – China’s first financial network red contest will be combined with finance and network red, joint micro-blog stock, heavy build China’s first financial network red contest. School of science and technology choice — the "rooster," screen "open triumph" school science and technology innovation to create a mobile phone or spread the magic figure "ecological advertising network, brand advertising main business information into the larger HD lock screen posters, to reach the user visible effect of the peacock, firmly occupy the flow of the first interaction with the audience entrance. NetEase – "brand attitude day" "brand attitude day" is based on the attitude of NetEase and its own precision advertising system to achieve a joint brand advertisers.相关的主题文章: